So I got my Rytm about a week ago. Have had the MD, OT and A4 for a few years now so I’m fairly familiar with the Elektron workflow.

However I can’t get the Accent on the AR to do anything. The default value is 32 (as it is on all the other Elektron gear) but even if I set it at full (127)… Nothing. Zip. Nada.

I’ve tried some obvious stuff like leaving ample headroom on the Track and Master outs but still no Accent.

I really need the accents to work. It’s making it hard to program simple dynamics. I don’t want to be p-locking volume changes for each beat.

Am I missing something here ? Anyone else having this issue ?

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Accents force the velocities of “accented” triggers to a certain value.

You have to make sure that the velocities of your triggers do not exceed the ‘accent velocity’ in order for accent to have any effect.

At first, I also had a bit of trouble understanding the concept.

edit: maybe the accent level is added to the trig velocity, the manual is not clear about this.


Ah Thanks bsp. Got it now.

The default VEL level for each track is 100, which should leave room for extra accentuation. However this level is way too high. The VEL level in the Trig menu has to be set fairly low (no higher than 40) for the Accent to make any real difference

Strange that the default value means it has no effect whatsoever :confused:
Accents are certainly the quickest way to breath life into a pattern.
The A4 accents work perfectly well at the default settings

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I concur, I didnt get it at first. u have to plan for accent use.
now I am lowering the trig velo for all steps for a pattern that get accent use.
and just turn up accent to full. anything else doesnt really make sense.

but, yeah by now its more like we-have-accent-thats-what-every-909-guy-is-looking-for.

a more general implementation of accent would be better.
accent should work like Performance, lock any parameters to it. velocity being default.
general accent val equals pad pressure in Perf mode.

tr808 does more than simply make it louder when accented.
accented kick sounds very much different.

accent editor, what do u think?

The Rytm accent is confusing, thanks for clearing it up for me.

The best accent implementation is on the Korg ER-1: turn the accent knob up, and the UNaccented steps get QUIETER. Brilliant!

amiga303: Accent editor? You can already edit the way accent will affect up to four other parameters other that volume by using Sound Settings > Velocity Mod. In that way you can make snares more snappy with harder velocity or whatever.

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Thanks for asking! I was like, why is nothing happening…

You rang? :slight_smile:


yeah, could you speak up a bit, we can’t hear you :wink:

Yes this is the thing to do to get the most out of the accents.
If the accent would have been fixed to only amp volume and envelope it would be quite limited compared to what you can do now. I like having velocity affect filter and the overdrive and for samples the bit crusher brings a lot of goodness to the table.


just write Accent a PM … no need to start an entire thread … ( just kidding )

So, you’re saying the accent function relies on trig velo? So, this means that by utilizing the vel mod matrix, you can use accent to control any bundle of 4 param modulations? :alien:



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I love going at the velocity mods with 16 LEVELS function on my MPC MIDI seq… 16 levels of accent :diddly:

Yeah best to try and get one with an Aussie accent


I have 16 levels of accent!

I have 16 levels of velocity.

Hmm no, the MPC has full velocity, but it also has a more granular 16 LEVELS mode. Both have their uses.

It’s basically quantized velocity
Very useful
Maschine had it too (I don’t have Maschine anymore)
Would have been a welcome addition on the Rytm

I was trying to be funny, didn’t turn out that good, sorry about that.

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Yeah the 16 pad velocity on the Maschine is a very handy way when live recording to get dynamics but still under full control. On the Maschine MK3 controllers this mode even has it’s own dedicated button.