Account/Shopping problem at Elektrons site

Hi Elektronauts,

I wanted to buy a soundpack (Hidden for Digitone) and this does not work…
I’ve also opened a ticket, but maybe I’m just holding it wrong:
When I try to buy it says that there is a needed field that can’t be empty.
There is not, or none that I see. The user name / email address field is grayish and can’t be edited but my address is there.
My suspicion is, that this is in some way connected to my account name/email address, since when I try to change my phone number (where one of my two numbers is correctly added) which is also connected to the field, where the email address is also in grayish uneditable and it gives the same error, when I put another phone number in there.

So, am I’m doing something wrong?
Did someone encountered this?
Is there a fix?


The mandatory fields are:

Phone Number
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code

Same fields again for shipping address if different.

Last but not least, you also need to accept terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. You got all of those ?

Yepp, is all there.

when you wanna buy accessories it’s mentioned they are updating the site, so maybe that counts for soundpacks also?

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Okay, for some reason it is working now.
But now my credit card is acting up.
Very sad, that there is no PayPal option. :frowning:

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The shop now has a PayPal option and it works! \o/
I will become poor! /o\