Accurate internal resampling regarding volume

I’ve got my OT for about 2 months and I’m still as happy as a child on christmas. So happy, and so hooked on the Elektron Interface I quickly found a second hand Analog Keys and added it to my setup. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I created a new project, where I wanted to get a stable base beat going with sampled drums from the OT, and a bass line from T4 of the AK. Analog Keys main outs have been routed to A/B of the OT, I set up a through machine and sequenced the bass via OT Midi.

Arriving at Pattern 5 I wanted to sum up my three drum channels (T1-T3) and my AK bass (T6 | Thru), so I could process them together and get back some tracks. I set up my Recorder 1 on a previous pattern, just activated SRC C as MAIN and set a recorder trig in the pattern. AB and CD were off.

For Pattern 5 I’ve changed the Part so T1 was using the recorder, and just put a trig on the first step so It would loop.

It all worked like a dream, except I’ve got a weird mix going on in my recorded loop. Bassline from the AK was far louder than the drums. I managed to get a decent mix by adjusting the volume of my thru machine and the gain of AB, but it always sounds a bit off in volume, than what the original pattern has been playing.

How do you guys go about this? I’m trying to get the volume as close as to how the original pattern sounded. Trying to get whole tracks done in the OT, because computers are too much of a distraction.
Dynamic sampling the main mix, when using thru machines is such a neat way to compose and arrange whole tracks within the OT. It amazes me how easy it is to setup, and how deep the possibilities go with this feature. :slight_smile:

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