Acoustic sounds in MD MKII. Is it possible?

I would like get an acoustics sounds drums in my machinedrum mkII (no UW). I’m beginning to edit sounds from PI engine, but i don’t get the sound. Honestly, i haven’t got enough experience on edit synth sounds, and less on drum patches.
Could anyone help me to get this with any advice?
Thanks a lot!

The resources in this topic:

might be of interest.


i suppose you can, if you start layering - some ‘wooden’ clonk will be possible with the right transient(s) layered in. sacrifice a track for the transient, one for the ‘body’ and one for the sustain and link them together - you also might want to start experimenting with LFOs from other tracks as envelopes… but all these are just generic MD tips and don’t necessarily lead to what you’re after.
I think it’s fair to say that that this isn’t an area where the MD shines (acoustic sounds).


Thank you very much, just fast read, and it’s a theory document very interesting, but i’d like to find something more practical.

Yes! I know MD doesn’t shine around acoustic sounds, but I wondered how much close I could arrive to that with the good approach.

then check out the first 3 lines I wrote =)

For me the best approach is to check manual parameters, set everything by ear, use filters and eq. Layering can help.
For more realistic things : ROM ! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the tips. I have trying with layering, but i’m a little noob with layering, and I’m got nothing that convincing me. I guess I’ll try harder.

I remember seeing this post on reddit and being very impressed by their use of the MD in a rock context, they even offer to share the sysex file

Id say get a digitakt, most drum machines replicate real drums about as well as a 303 replicates a bass guitar


Wow, not bad at pop/rock context if we remember we talk about MD.
Although I’d like a jazz approach.

Yes, indeed it’s my next gear to buy, but the question is the same, how to close we can go with MD.
In fact, It’s not about a need with me, I have got a novation circuit that I use for this kind of sounds. Just I wonder how to get the similar sounds with MD’s engines.

probably could get many interesting sounds for jazz styles out of the machinedrum, not sure if they would always be ‘acoustic’ but I think you could certainly find appropriate sounds. the machinedrum could give you a variety of mallet percussion sounds like vibraphone or marimba, and there might be some usable cymbal sounds hiding in there

also I think for ‘acoustic’-ing up your machinedrum you should focus on being very tasteful and delicate with the reverb

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Thank you very much for the tip, it’s true I lost the target and deform so much the sound, maybe because the habit.

I find snare of PI machine fantastic, like the mallets, it’s just I need, in the other hand, I’m difficulties to find the good BD. I think in PI it’s horrible, maybe in TRX or E12, but I tried sometimes and don’t find the good settings.

My first MD recording, with swing. Several PI machines used. No PI kick IIRC. Not very realistic ! :smile:

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Wow! So cool! It’s not very realistic, but anyway it has some jazzy spirit. Thanks for share.

I thought the ERM machines sound the most like real drums.

I guess you mean EFM machines… Sorry but i don’t agree, or just I don’t know how to edit to get that sounds.

No, not the FM- looks like it’s called E12- I hardly use those

E12 is built on carefully processed sampled percussion sounds with individual control.

Sample based sounds can be more realistic for sure. :slight_smile:

Velocity modulations are missing for something realistic. You can cheat if you plock filters, vol, decay, noise level, tune…

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