ADAT expansions with digital level / gain?

Hi all - I have the ADA8200 for additional inputs into the Apollo Twin. It’s fantastic, but my major complaint is difficulty in level matching for the stereo linking. There’s no notch in the center or unity position, and the knobs aren’t perfectly calibrated to do it by eye.

You would think this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, in that you could just set it and leave it - but if you’re like me and have a patch bay above / below the unit, the issue becomes readily apparent :slight_smile: A strong gust of wind would push these out of position, so they’re no match for a slight graze when patching :smiley:

Are there any other options that better facilitate stereo linking?

Do you actually use it as a mic pre?
If not, most AD units don’t have any level settigs, just 1/4" sockets on the rear at unity gain.

No, but unity is still achieved via a level knob. Any recommendations?

Nothing current at that price point. A second hand RME Fireface 400 in standalone mode would do the trick. MOTU have several 828 models that can also work in standalone as AD converters. Both might also improve your sound quality.

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