Add a note?

The OT is making me fell really dumb again. I can’t seem to figure out how to play one long note and add another about halfway through in the MIDI sequencer department without retriggering the whole thing. It’s driving me bonkers! I thought I’d be abel to do this with a trigless lock but nope.

Not sure that’s even possible. One work around would be to make two midi tracks on the same channel. One for the sustained first note and one for the second note.

That seems bizarre considering you can stack up to 4 notes.

You can indeed but note that the notes are derived as intervals from the main note. So unless you do it with two midi tracks sending to the same channel I have no idea.

Do the two notes start on the same step?

For example, I’d like to play a C whole note and add a G half note half way through the bar.

C- - - - - - -

        • G- - -

Again, it’s not possible without using 2 midi tracks.

That’s so silly!! Does that not seem like basic MIDI sequencer stuff?
I feel like I have to get an MPC or something to go along with the OT!! So dumb!