Add a slice

OK I’ve read the manual, i’ve done this before, but something is wrong, or I’ve missed it. I seem to only be able to add ONE manual slice to a sample.

SLICE grid is no problem, but if I want to manually insert slices I only get one.

When I go into SLICE mode in the Audio Editor, I am unable to move the start,loop, end point unless I just hit ADD SLICE. Ok, I get it. So I select ADD SLICE HERE, even though that isn’t where I want the slice added. Then I’ll move the start/end point as desired. Next all I get is DELETE Slice, I don’t get an option to save this initial slice so I can move on to a 2nd slice.
I understand I have to move the start of the next slice outside the area of the first slice, having never actually “saved” the first slice I never get a chance to move to a 2nd or 3rd slice. I just doesn’t work. All I can seem to do is move the Start / End parameters around and that’s all. What am I doing wrong?

Yes I have the SLICE set to ON in the playback menu.

I should mention the sample I am working with is in STATIC, but the manual says I should be able to do this with either FLEX or STATIC.


NEVERMIND I realized I wasn’t using the LEVEL knob to move the pointer around. How do I delete this topic now?


No need for deleting, others will find this useful :slight_smile:
Reading the manual in one go will overload your brain, so for a quick google search for a beginning octatrack user these little insights are great :+1:


it did come handy 3 years later :slight_smile: thanks.


Sure. But with a “Add Slice” search in manuals Pdf :

ADD SLICE HERE adds a slice. The marker must be on a non-sliced area of the waveform for this alternative to appear.

If there is no more space to add a slice, you can reduce an existing slice length, and add a slice in the non-sliced area. Beware, adding a slice will change slice numbers after the inserted one.


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Thanks, very useful - this forum is a goldmine for new octatrack users!

Still helpful 4 years later.


Thanks for keeping this topic :slight_smile:


This helped me and I’ve had my OT for over 3 years lol. Thanks for posting


Note that once your Level-knob driven marker is on an empty spot and you’ve added a slice, you can perfectly move the slice start marker to an occupied spot.


@sezare56 - this a popular topic… maybe just re-type the manual into the forum one sentence per post? Most helpful forum member ever! :smile: Hope you are doing well, friend!