Adding multiple samples to sound pool

I’m trying to select several samples to add to the the current project (so they appear in the list when i scroll through samples on the SRC page).

This guy just presses YES to highlight several, i.e. ticks appear next to several samples, which he can then bring into the project. How to insert samples in your ELEKTRON DIGITAKT - YouTube

Which I vaguely recall doing in the past at some stage… But now when I do it exactly this, I just get a little arrow, which changes when I select another sample… i.e. it doesn’t allow me to select several samples… i made a little vid:

Looked at manual/youtube/previous threads here but couldn’t find anything… :thinking: Something that changed with the recent firmware update?

Thanks in advance… :pray:

EDIT: i think i figured it out - seems like (at least since the latest FW update) you have to go into SAMPLES (by first pressing the SETTINGS button), and then from there you can select several samples (by highlighting and pressing ‘yes’ on several), and then ‘load to current project’… seems like you can’t do it straight from the SRC page anymore…

This sounds familiar for a few years.
Select - go to menu - load to project.

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There are two ways, through the track(func+src, func+yes) for selecting/swapping the current sample slot, or through the sample menu for filling the ram.

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