Advice on buying octatrack for friend

Hello everyone,

Let me preface this post by saying I have absolutely no experience with the tech you guys use. I don’t know the technical terms etc for cords, plugs etc.

My very close friend has recently bought different machines to start creating his own music. They’re rectangular black boxes with gold keys (like piano keys kind of - but flat, touch sensitive, not raised). Lots of knobs and things at the top.

He said he has a drum one, a bass one and the other seems to play high notes and effects. I went over today and he showed me what he can do on them and it sounded amazing. He is a very creative and clever guy :slight_smile:

So he and his girlfriend are studying and working very hard. They have little spare cash for things like this. He said he’s saving for this Octatrack thing but it will take him a good 6 months on their limited savings.

I can see how much he loves making his music and I figure its a great thing to spend time doing that doesn’t really have on going costs. Good investment/time for someone who is spending alot of time saving money at home.

Sorry - long story short.

I want buy this thing for him. But wanted to check are there different types/models with added features - or just one stock standard?

When it arrives and I take it over as a present, will it come with all the cables and things I need? He doesn’t seem to have any spare cables in his work area, I want to make sure we can have a beer and be ready to play with it straight away - cable and plug ready.

Lastly, they seem to be around $2000 on Australian websites. Is this the going price? Can I order it online somewhere for cheaper?

Thx Keo.

Sounds like he has Korg Volcas.

There is just the one standard model. Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

It will come with the power cable and a compact flash card. No other cables (AFAIK unless this has changed?)

Ok, so the Octatrack is at heart a sample playback device. If he has a computer, a usb cable and any audio files on the computer, he can copy some samples onto the Octatack and get cracking straight away.

The Octatrack is a deep and complex machine. So just the above is more then enough to get started initially.

There is a number of different ways you can connect gear up to/with the Octatrack, and I’m afraid I don’t know the Volca’s too well, but I am sure someone else will chime in with more accurate details later, so consider the below “as far as I am aware, but I may be wrong”

A 3.5mm to 1/4" cable will allow him to plug the Volca’s into the Octatrack (He can play them through the Octatrack and apply effects to them, and also record the sounds, then save them to the Octatrack.)


There are a limited number of places to buy in Australia (Awave / Store DJ). Or you can look second hand. Or look at importing from a US seller. But obviously consider local support, postage, GST/Tax implications et al if considering this route.

Going rate second hand varies, but somewhere between AU$1,200 and AU$1,600 seems the go at the moment. Obviously changes based on supply / demand and FX rates.

If you are looking at buying second hand, and don’t have a clue what you are looking at, there are some good peeps around who would help you in that department I’m sure.

Where are you located?

Hey Keo !

This is a very nice gesture, you have no idea how thrilled this will drive your friend !!
With the Volca + the Octatrack, he is going to have some fun for years :smiley:

The Octatrack offers to control 8 synths such as the Volcas, then record them and go further with the sounds. So if you want to go further, here is what your friend is going to need quickly :

[li]To get the sound out of them into the Octatrack, I use a “Y-cable” (mini jack stereo towards to mono jacks) for each Volca (3, in your case).[/li]
[li]To control the 3 Volcas from the Octatrack, he will have to get a 4 channels MIDI hub such as this.[/li]
[li]To plug the Octatrack and the 3 Volcas to this box, 4 MIDI cables will be needed.[/li]

You’re an amazing friend

If you want to buy new, ring a couple of stores and find the best deal. You shouldn’t have to pay rrp. I suggest starting with awave, then store dj, then turra music. I bought mine from turra just before the last price rise. I was very happy with the deal I got.

There’s one on eBay atm. I’m guessing you should be able to get a deal on a new one around that price.

A good friend indeed.

An Octatrack can easily start a creative, talented young person towards a music career.
And for an older bugger like me can while away countless hours after work amusing myself with my own soundscapes.

Edit: I’ll add, I don’t think it’s worth importing anything new over $1000au anymore now our dollar has tanked. When gst is added on all purchases, importing will be a right pain unless our dollar improves dramatically. Probably a good thing the reserve bank doesn’t include musical instruments in their inflation index.

A legitimate friend right there.

Thank you for your comments everyone.

I’m in Brisbane Rusty. StoreDJ have one in stock here so I’ll grab it off them.

Thanks for the extra info Lying Dalai, I’ve ordered a MIDI hub too.

I think that should sort him out!
Have a great weekend everybody :stuck_out_tongue:

What a sweet thread.

No personal experience with them, but they are sure to help you out.

Take Lying Dalai’s information. They (Store DJ) will be happy to supply the required cables to you and ensure you get the right ones.

Daft point, but check as well if the Octarack comes with a USB cable, if not, and you friend doesn’t have one, grab one.

It came with a USB cable when I got mine in June of last year.

You are a phenomenal friend for doing this. I would be beside myself if any of my friends did something like this for me.