Advice wanted OT + MP2500

I’m fairly new owner of the OT. I have a question. I’m not hear to compare gear. I still use the MPC2500 as my main unit, but I’m slowly loving the OT too… my question is this…

The MPC2500 only reads sample wav files at 16 bit. Slowly my sample collection is growing, but it’s 24 bit. I find converting with audacity to 16 bit a bit slow (also not a computer fan). Should I just resample my samples from the OT to the MPC2500? what do most folks do in this situation?


Record them in! I have owned many samplers and ive never once transfered samples using a computer. I reccomend you to just record. Extra points for recording through other equipment while tweaking maybe, or just to get a nice signal path. I hate when you can hear people have made music by dragging loads of samples in.


You can try Wavosaur, it does batch processing for several files bit conversion.


On a Mac, I use Fission for batch processing audio. (not free)

I agree. Just record them in, with or without live processing, or both.