Lately I’ve been thinking of buying an Analog Keys but I could not finance it because I have to finance the recording of an album in which I am working. I have an Analog Rytm that I use mainly with samples. Should I sell AR to buy AK? I mean, is it worth it?

I always could complement the AK with NI Maschine for drum production.

I need some friendly advice.


Well, I suppose that ultimately comes down to what type of music you want to make.
If you need a lot of nasty analog percussion you’re not gonna do better than the AR.
If you’re mostly looking for a great sounding analog synth then the A4/AK is gonna be perfect.
To be honest, there’s not gonna be a software solution that’s going to provide you with tonal qualities of either instrument; not entirely, at least.

You could make percussion sounds with the AK if you don’t need the samples and, on the flip, you could use chromatic mode on the AR to make analog melodies.
Again, the choice really just depends on what you need more.

Because you’re using mostly samples through the AR, though, you’d probably do better getting an A4/AK and using a different method to fatten up your samples with Maschine.

Thanks for your reply. I make mostly house kind of music. I dont use a lot of nasty sounds. I like the AK but I always use clap samples, snare samples and the only sounds that I tweak are hi hats and bass drum.

I need an analog synth cause’ the last month someone stole my juno-60. Right now I’m working in soft synths and I really hate it.

Thank you for your advice!

Damn, sorry to hear about your Juno 60; that’s a sweet ass synth.
If you use mostly samples for percussion, software will do a more convincing job reproducing your drum samples than a softsynth will reproducing a real analog synth.

Get the A4/AK and you can do analog kicks with that and the rest of your percussion can be replaced with samples, no problem.

Figure out how to keep the AR and also get the Keys… The Keys and Rytm are a great combo and each have things to other doesn’t.

You say that you use samples on AR. So, may be Octa will be better choice? It can work as a drum machine and play everything you put into it.