After update to latest firmware, pan knob works as volume control

so , I have my Digitakt connected through the main input into my audio card , both channels are coming through , but if I pan to the right the sound just fades out , like it was a volume control .
its pretty baffling to be honest .
the fx still comes through on both channels , so it can’t be the connection itself , anybody had a similar thing happen ?

This sounds like the left and right channel cancel themselves out.

Just record a short piece of stereo and check the waveforms. Are they somehow phase inverted (mirroring each other / one goes up, the other goes down)? Does the same happen when you sum L+R to a mono signal?

If “yes”: maybe there is a setting/button somewhere to phase invert just one channel (left or right) which you accidentally activated? Some problem in the connections?


Yes, same thing happens to me. Same effect on my imported samples and the factory samples.

you were completely right , thanks a lot !
like the dunce I am , I had put one of the cables into the headphones out and the other into the left main output … oh my … well , its fixed haha


Doh. me too.

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@Shufaroots and @Electromatic

So that seems like a quite common problem.

Feature request: make different sized plug sockets … :smiley: :smile:

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