Aftertouch not recorded to sequencer?

This may fall under feature request soon unless someone can prove me wrong.

It seems my A4 does not record after touch to the sequencer and I can’t seem to figure a way to do so.

Am I missing something? or is this not a feature?

You can’t edit or automate aftertouch manually, so there’s nothing to record to, it is treated as a performance ‘layer’ - sure it’d be nice, but I’ve made peace with that omission, but it is oddly part of OT feature set, so there’s a bit of hope it could be pulled in

SO… I can sequence midi aftertouch from my OT?, but not straight in the A4? This is pretty lame IMO.

[li]Is it possible to plock the aftertouch? Or is it only in a DAW?[/li]
[li]Can I set up a macro to the same parameter as aftertouch “quickly” like a copy/paste?[/li]


You cannot plock aftertouch.

Yes, you can copy/paste the aftertouch’s parameters page into a Perf macro.

Thanks. At least there is a work around.