leaving for surfing 1 week in agadir in a few hours (airbnb, rental car, me plus 2 friends )… any thoughts, recommendations, ideas, do’s and donts ? …

(already decided to take the MM with me, so not that kind of question :stuck_out_tongue: )

Go to Taghazout; good spot for surf.
and why not for la “vallée du paradis”…

thagozaut is actually the place we are heading. …
cant beat the protective cover ( pun intended )

Go to essaouira, it’s pretty close and much different from agadir.

Essaouira is really beautiful compared to Agadir that is pretty boring (except the Souk).

But when I was there (with 2 surfer friends) the best waves were actually around Thagazout,and few spots all close to it.
Essaouira was without…but that was the weather not the spot …I believe.

One care:
there will be guys that will offer to give you help, then asking for money. It happened to us, this is normal…
One help another…the other gives something back !

Don’t forget to dedicate one full morning to a Souk and Medina (Essaouira has one really beautiful).

Also, bring with you milk enzymes…lactobacillus!!
Can save your day

thanks for all info guys! …