AHmkII Overbridge Input Sensitivity Troubleshooting

I got the AHmkII yesterday and that thing sounds pristine! However, I’m having a hard time with the standalone Overbridge Audio Capture. I run my Octatracks CUE Outputs into the AHs Input and want to capture both the effected and clean signal with the AH. The FX Return track is captured fine, levels are not too high. The Input track clips way too hard (Pic 1) and I don’t know what would cause this. I configured the Input Sensitivity to “Low” and on the AH display the meters look to be correct (Pic 2). Why does the input signal go into Overbridge so hot? Am I doing something wrong and if yes, what?

I’m running AHmkII OS1.20 and installed Overbridge Version Beta. I have a Windows 10 Computer with 8GB RAM and an Intel i5 CPU.

I also send the same signal to the Inputs of my Digitone and tested capturing it via the standalone Digitone Overbridge and here everything works fine and the levels are good. Any ideas?

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I also just got an Analog Heat MKII and experience the same. Did you ever find out what’s going on?

Sadly, no. Haven’t used the AHmkII to record into the computer since then, only back into the OT.

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Thanks. I just can’t figure it out.

What I’m trying to achieve is rather simple. I have the AH as a Master Insert on the Xone 96. I use the Xone 96 as a soundcard, I can record in Ableton Live, the MAster track or individual tracks, Ableton Live tracks are played back on the Xone 96, beautful.

Now, I’d like to record the Master output of the Xone 96 independently, like I would record on a tape.

My idea was to use Overbridge standalone (so I’m not dependent on Live’s transport to record) and use the capture feature for just recording the FX output of the Analog Heat. I think I’ve got that figured out.

Still, this input being to hot, I can’t solve. In the Overbridge control panel it looks like this:

Doesn’t make sense to me. The input sensitivity is set correctly on the device, the wet output level matches the input level as well. Yet in Overbridge, the Input is way loud and the FX Return is kind of quiet.

And in th eOverbridge Capture windows, I get this, as you:

Seems the same ratio but lounder. I don’t even really understand what are these showing compared to what I see in the Overbridge main interface

Or to what I see in the Overbridge Control Panel.

Anyone got some simple words to explain the world to me? Thanks!

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No taker? Anybody using Overbridge standalone with Analog Heat here?