AK and Korg Minilogue sequencing

hey guys. i’m new with elektron gear. currenty i’m trying to make a sequence with my minilogue. i’m controlling korg with midi cable. i’m using track 2 and set midi ch 2 with my korg. i’m able to play notes(and hear them), but no sound when play a recorded sequence. and yes, i want to make a polyphonic sequence. any ideas? thanks in advance.

The Ak/A4(AR too) do not do MIDI sequencing. There’s no more to say, especially if it’s for poly playback - if it was mono there’s options via CV (and threads on this), but nothing is likely to change wrt MIDI Sequencing

This is (or should be) well known by now

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thanks. i’m new to this. anyway, AK is great :slight_smile:

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A4 now can do this get the new update