Ak as midi controller in Logic

Hey everyone,

I feel really stupid asking this, but I just can’t solve it. I want to use AK as midi controller in Logic Pro X. Audio/Midi Setup recognizes AK alright. Logic doesn’t. I put AK in Midi EXT-Mode, but nothing. AK’s Midi output is set to USB & Midi, and there’s a working USB connection.

Anybody has a hint?


Can you select AK as a midi device on a Logic midi track? Do you see any midi information coming in in the transport window?

Seting up midi devices in Logic is always a … :rage:



I know they are writing about sending and destination, but that’s how I setup my beatstep pro to use it as keyboard :slight_smile:
You have to do that for each individual project! Or save yourself a master where it is turned on and always start with that master.
Hope that helps!

I can select it as a midi device on a midi track, and the notes arrive in the transport window. And I’m suddenly realizing it actually does work, but not with Omnisphere, lol. I usually don’t use software synths apart from Omnisphere. I’ll go whine one Spectrasonic’s doorstep. Thanks!


keep in mind…omnisphere is multitimbral…
and a dedicated midi keyboard controler is better choice, when it comes to logic…just a few bucks of xtra money but the peace of conceptional straightness is priceless, end of the day…
so let the ak do it’s own and very special stuff…

Ah Logic… not what I would have called it but hey

Is the track armed for midi input ?

Can’t remember if that’s a thing in Logic or not.

Can you play Omnisphere using the built in soft-keyboard ? (Hit Command-K on the midi track)

I can play literally everything with Midi keyboard or AK. Only the combination Omnisphere & AK doesn’t work. Weird.

yeah I know, but I don’t use that much Midi gear anymore, so i though I’d throw out the Axiom Pro I have and sue the AK, because it sits so nicely on the desk and its 3 octaves is enough.

Ok That’s good

Just read that again sorry

Ok so you can play omnisphere with another midi keyboard just fine ?

Lot’s of other threads on here. Same issue

This one has a few AK Settings you could try

yes, works fine with onboard or dedicated keyboard,

Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look!