AK noisy outputs


My analog keys produces a somehow loud noise whether it’s from the main physical output or the OB output. I have tried everything I’ve found on the elektron forum about this (disconnecting USB, set 24bit in OB, etc) but it doesn’t resolve the problem. The only thing I could do is to recalibrate but I don’t think it will change anything (also the manual says to do it only if elektron says to) ;

I have noticed that if I shut down the reverb and the delay, there’s no more noise (set LP to 0 also works). It doesn’t appear on the chorus. So the noise should come from here right ?
There’s no noise from the individual outputs.

Also the noise is really noticeable, it’s like if you were to put a mixer’s gain+level+master at maximum.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

In OB, does the noise remain if you mute the main stereo output and just enable the individual tracks? (the equivalent of using the individual outs)

I just tried and there’s no noise when I do that.

I also tried to tweak every parameter of the reverb and delay but nothing seems to be the cause of the noise (it’s louder if I increase the reverb’s gain).

Bit of a headscratcher. We can assume there is an issue with the circuitry of the main stereo output. Have you logged a support ticket with Elektron to see if they can offer any insight? Perhaps it is a known issue with some units? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Are you using balanced or unbalanced audio cables? (Not that that should be the issue if you are getting the problem over OB)

Yep that’s where I’m headed next… Waiting for some answers here a bit longer to see if anyone has had the same issue.

I have tried with both balanced and unbalanced, I also had another AK from a friend this morning so I tried the exact same setup, no noise on his AK of course… I also tried the headphone output but noisy as well.

I would do a Factory Reset and recalibrate whilst I was waiting, but it does unfortunately sound like a hardware fault.

Yep, unfortunately I can’t do it now, I have a live performance on Thursday, I’ll just use a noise reduction plugin this time

Did you ever find a solution for this?

I have the exact same issue, individual tracks are fine but the main output is noisy (83db in a spectrum analyser).

I think my issue is Overbridge related as the noise doesn’t appear through the main stereo outputs when going direct into my mixer.

I’d love a solution to this, as the noise is making recording impossible.

I have the exact same problem. But i’m not an overbridge user so i cannot say if the fault is also present using the main outs there. Is this a hardware fault?

Did you manage to fix it?


what happend? i would love to get rid of that noise! its so worse on mastering stage! what are the ways i have?

I initialised all the tracks and that fixed it.

What do you mean by that? A track sound reset? When a sound reset helps than maybe it was just related to the noise generator (OSC1 page 2)?

It was a gain staging problem for me. There are lots of volume controls within each track, turning down the volumes on the pages or just change sounds. This should solve it, if it is the same problem.

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