AK OB allows 'forbidden' routings

With the latest Analog Keys OB 2.0.65 i’m able to create ‘forbidden’ routings - e.g. i can right-click LFO1’s destination slots (lots of forbidden options!) and assign them to LFO2 (LFO2’s dest box will show ‘LFO1 Dest A’, but ‘LFO 1’ isn’t shown as ‘legit’ white in the routing list - see circled in image below). This means all sorts of chaos can ensue - fun, but not allowed via the AK itself so looks like a bug.

The same ‘forbidden’ routings appear when right-clicking the Filt Env and User Env A/B routing choosers, but assigning these will route them to the ‘allowed’ Depth A/B

Pressing ‘Clear’ in the Sound Settings area doesn’t clear these routings either. Visually they do (the destinations appear to return to default) but the hidden routings are still connected.


Do the ‘illegal’ modulations actually work?
And, do they persist if you save the sound and reboot disconnected from OB?

from what i’ve tried so far, only the LFO2>LFO1 Dest works, you can hear it scanning through the destinations.


A few years ago, I turned on my digitakt (I think, it might have been my digitone) and there were loads more LFO destination options than normal. Some really fun, wacky stuff.
Next time I turned it it was back to a normal, a more mundane digitakt.
I wish they left the options open to play with at your own risk.

yea i remember seeing the same on the DT beta a while ago.

more probs with the AK OB dests:
the user env’s a/d/s/r and gate params can all be mapped to LFOs etc via right-click but they don’t work and shouldn’t be available as mod dests (they’re not available via the dest menu choosers)

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if u press up, down, left right, then func, page twice, and track 1, 2, 3, 4 on the select screen at the same time, both players can play as the same character


Same issue on AF Mkii :heavy_check_mark:

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share the sound with me … or it NEVER happened :wink:

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Will be fixed in the next update. :pray: Thank you for the report. :+1:


no idea if it will work on yours but… GRF-FBDN-LFO.afsnd (624 Bytes)

sounds like this on AK…

it’s not exactly useable in any controllable way but worth a play with until its fixed (the depth value of lfo2 into lfo1 needs to be very small to work) :slight_smile:

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yes indeedi … all systems go :tongue:

what a gent :thup:

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It’s probably unfair to bug report that said hacky LFO assignment can’t be page-copied between sounds :wink: … but in exploring page copying and clearing I note on the AF MKii that if you clear a page it spuriously shows the subpage


select [OSC2] … it’s red

select [OSC1] … it’s red

{hold}[OSC1] + [Play]-(clear)

{release}[OSC1] … it’s green as it’s now loaded osc1 page2 by mistake

This happens about 90% of the time for me, under some circumstances (unsure) it seems fine … only power cord attached btw

but only if you preselect OSC1 before the clearing process, if you e.g. clear osc2 page1 and immediately clear osc1 page1 (i.e. pressing OSC1 button for first time after another page) … it works normally, it never selects page 2 by mistake

wrong topic, but flagging this up (and pinging @Patrik for info) as it’s kinda related

whether it’s to do with timing on the board (I used to have issues enabling multiple(e.g. 4) trigs without false ONs, a trig or two would briefly flash on but then go off)

either way it’s undesirable behaviour as you don’t get to review the changes you made upon release as it page hops

ps - how long you linger on the osc1 button when clearing is crucial - there’s only a small window where it works, either side, too brief, too long it goes to subpage

plus when it goes correctly, the next time you press osc2 then osc1 it will go straight to page 2 of osc1 and there’s no remember subpage option on this device yet !!!

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There seems to be something here.
I only have a AFmk1 available.

This doesn’t happen for me on AFmk1. However…

This happens.

Edit: Scratch that. It happens if you’re quick like you said.