AK: push+turn the Delay send dial slower than Reverb + Chorus sends dials?

Noticed this earlier today…
My AK’s Delay send dial (Amp page, dial G) moves slower than the Reverb and Chorus send dials when push+turning them. Wondering if it’s a firmware thing or if my dial is just different…
Set the 3 sends to full 127 and then push-turn each one leftwards quickly. Chorus and Reverb jump to 0 in under half a turn, whereas Delay takes a fair bit more to reach 0, making it feel sluggish.
Anyone else? Cheers

I’m not entirely certain, but that rings a bell…I’ll check tomorrow on my AK.
Encoders get worse over time, though. Do you get a similar response with other parameters on that encoder or only on delay send?

Tried test mode to check encoders?

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Good shout, I’ll check test mode… aaand it’s the encoder. It doesn’t skip any values, it’s just much slower to scan across values than the rest of them. Not a big prob, just a mild annoyance :meh:

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Ah damn, but what can you do…afaik all encoders will eventually start to fail (that’s what I’ve always heard at least).

Two encoders on my AK are already feeling a little sloppy, too! My older OT mk1 that gets much more use still works flawelessly. :slight_smile:

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