AK : Shortcut to go to sound location in sound pool/manager?

Hi Elektronauts

I have an AK for a few months now, what an incredible instrument! It is the first complex (for me, because of the peculiar Elektron-way) instrument that I spend more time with playing, having fun and creating than studying it.

I must be at 5% use of it’s possibilities and…it’s fine :sunglasses: every few days I learn a trick or two from the manual or this forum that keeps me going.

Now there is one thing that I cannot figure out :

Let’s say you’re in a kit out of which the sound on track 3 is great, you have it in a pool close to other custom sounds

I cannot figure out how to quickly navigate to the sound’s pool number so I can quickly choose a few own sounds that I saved around that slot

For instance I saved a weird wooshy bass sound on C 011, that is on track 3

When I long press track 3 I see its name appearing

Now if I want to navigate to where that sound is in the pool I have to push « sound » which brings me to the beginning list of the sounds, so I choose Sound Manager and go to pool, then scroll a few pages until I see that sound.

From there I can then easily audition sounds that I saved around that one

But outside the sound pool I don’t know how to reach that point in the list easily

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help appreciated !



Only expecting too much - the moment a sound is included in a Kit is is completely divorced from its origins, whether it be pool, +drive or import etc - there are no ways to cross-reference, and won’t be probably

so once in a Kit a sound is just a part of the kit - it makes kits robust

sound pool is fine as a curation of sounds, but its true strength is in its applicability to sound-locks - using the pool to populate the kits is no better than doing so from +drive, save for that curation

if you sound-locked all steps for a given pool sound on a track, then you would have a pointer to that pool sound, but it’s an inelegant workflow imho


Thank you @avantronica :pray:

Good to know, will have to muscle-memory-train the 4-5 steps to get to the sound list I like then

On a related note, how many of you try a sound while browsing before getting one you had in mind only to find one that has nothing to do but is inspiring and gets you going :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:?

This would be the upside of Elektron peculiar workflow/UI : having something in mind and ending up on a totally different trajectory, once you’re ok with that it is great fun



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Take your time digging into to this little beastie, I’ve had mine a year and half and I just tried the arpeggiator :grinning:


@psychetropic ha there I thought I was taking it slow :grin:

Patience is key for this instrument, if one doesn’t have much free time

Still it is incredible how so much fun can be had without delving into it

Of course, opens up to dreaded beginners’ errors, the one that I have learned to avoid now is as soon as I have a sound or kit I like is save it as a new kit not to have my previous dabbling sounding very far from what I remember :grimacing:

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