AK USB config (Overbridge related)

Hi everyone,

I’m contemplating getting a AK but I want to be sure of something Overbridge-related. I have a Digitone, and it took me a little while to figure out how to defeat the computer-roundtrip when using OB. It happened to be a setting in the DN’s USB config menu named “int to main” that needed to be set to “on” instead of “auto” for my purpose: I will use Overbridge solely as a librarian and for visual feedback while editing, and don’t want the sound to travel back and forth to the computer. I dowloaded the AK manual, but this particular setting “int to main” doesn’t seem to be implemented. We can only switch between USB midi and Overbridge mode.

So my question is: can the AK output its sound directly to its main outputs without a computer roundtrip when connected to Overbridge?


Yes, this is possible.
Just disable the “OUTPUT CHANNELS TO Analog Keys” within the Overbridge Control Panel.

This way, the AK will only output its sounds through the main outs (depending on its internal settings) and through the USB, and you can use the standalone app to edit your sounds and kits and even record your audio if you like. If you record the hardware main outs directly, you could even disable the INPUT CHANNELS from the Control Panel.

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Thanks, yes I couldn’t see that screen in my Overbridge, of course!