Algorithm Selection p_lock

Hi, I’m trying to send some p_locks from my Octatrack to midi cc 70 (alg selection) of my model cycles,but I have an issue, the current lock step, arrives one step late. Example if I lock 2nd steps with ccv 3 and the 4th step with ccv 1, the 4th step will have ccv 3 and the next one ccv2. Can someone help me?

i’m not surprised it behaves that way, it won’t be arriving late per se, but not in time to facilitate the change which presumably must precede the step commencing on the MC … however, you could microtime the OT p_lock one notch left so that the timing comes in for you as desired

or just rotate your track 1 step left if it only targets algorithms, if e.g. it targets a parameter like shape, i’d expect it to work in realtime, so no nudging on that

safest bet is to nudge the algo locks left

realtime changes of algorithm within a step could be a messy thing, perhaps the only thing that can’t be targeted


It’s strange that u can lock the algorithm using the internal sequencer of m:c, maybe it’s faster, however it appens with all params that have small range like also gate (0-1) punch (0-1). However I’ve tried to anticipate the cc lock but it doesn’t work.

but those also define the ‘form’ of the algorithm - those don’t turn off even if you manually deselect them during a step or pad press

same goes for changing the algorithm - it has to be set at trig commencement, it can’t be redefined a microsecond later

there’s a way to use the LFO on Algo and even although it’s all internal, it will not refresh the algorithm for a sustained sound until you retriever it, even a fast (non reset) random lfo

so this seems normal - a p-lock is implicitly redefining the algorithm at launch, so timing isn’t relevant - all you have to do is get an instruction early enough

FWIW - when I was doing this CC70 plock on the DN, the microtiming ‘nudge’ had to come in -3 clicks left (i.e. ahead of sync’d MC step) that was -3 for @120bpm to get -1 click working you are in the up to circa 43 bpm region

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