All Sorts of New Ways // Digitakt, Malekko Manther, 0-Coast & Pedals

A Boards-y piece.

Malekko Manther to Fairfield Circuity K-Field Modulator pedal to Black Teeth distortion pedal.

Manther’s sequence is duplicated to the Make Noise 0-Coast via CV cables and the slope is set to play the occasional (not all) notes. 0-Coast to Obscura delay.

Both Manther and 0-Coast end up at the Neunaber Immerse reverb pedal.

Digitakt is used for sample manipulation and chopping and there are two tracks of it in this piece. LFO is applied to the Amp volume in the first sample. Then the LFO affects a random loop start position on fast triggers.

No software effects are used, only EQ and panning.

The audio and edited video clips are from a Canadian TV show about Computer Music from 1983 :smiley:


Very nice again

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Thanks Unifono :blush:

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I just got the Digitak and my Manther is on the way, how do they shake hands with each other? Newly going of DAW

And very cool!