Allen Heath K2

Hi guys,
in your opinion, it could be possible control some parameters of an Octatrack with the Allen Heath K2 USB controller?
If yes, how could i assign the midi parameters on the k2?
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I don’t have an octayrack, but you can look into faderfox mx12 as well


Thanks paulito.

Seems to be no din midi out on the A&H K2, only USB, so can’t just plug the controller into the OT.
You’d need an usb host to midi converter, like the Kenton Midi USB Host.

Then you could just map the controls on the K2 to the parameters you want to control on the OT.
I guess there’s a software or a way to edit midi channel and midi cc numbers etc. on the K2?

Check OT’s midi implementation in the manual for which parameters on the OT are controlled by which midi cc number.
Some functions like sequencer play, stop, track and sample trigs are controlled by midi notes.
You could either set the K2s midi channel to OTs auto channel and then control the currently selected track on the OT, or use individual midi channels to control several several OT tracks.


Thanks a lot for the answer and advice Schnork!
I just don’ t understand if is possible to edit cc numbers on the K2.
can you figure it out, by any chance?

I think you need to use the Mac/Windows app A&H supply to do this. Never tried myself as I don’t have a way to connect it to MIDI directly

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Hi Tom,
do you have this app from A&H?