"always arm all" option for one shot trigs

Specifically “always arm all upon pattern changes”. I’m organizing a set in the arranger and would love if I could find a way for one shots on new patterns to be automatically triggered. Manually arming is definitely doable but it would just be nice to not need to worry about that aspect. Didn’t find anything in the manual or online but I’m wondering if there is a workaround. Any ideas?


I don’t know the answer, sorry.

Actually there may be a solution.

I’m not at the OT right now and don’t really use the arranger but I think if you program mutes into the arrangement they work at trig level. So maybe you could keep the track unmuted where you want the trig to happen (and use a normal trig), then at the next row program the track to be muted.

Worth trying?

good idea! I’ll mess with that a bit later. thanks!