Am I too stupid to get the best out of a MonoMachine?

Hi team, I have a MachineDrum MK1 and would like to blow my inheritance on a MonoMachine.
My big doubt is that I sold my DPS-1 because I absolutely hated the workflow. Such that it was.
Would I be encountering the same issue with a Mono? I know this is a difficult question for anyone to answer accurately. I find the MachineDrum a delight to use. I’ve had a look at the mono’s manual and it seems to be a lot more involved. Answers like, yes you are too stupid, will be accepted gracefully.

Thanks everyone
Bob Breeks

If you can post on a forum, you are smart enough to use a MnM or OT.

A better question is: does the workflow agree with you, and are you motivated to make it work?

Structurally, the OT and MnM are very similar. Eight tracks on one, six on the other. Both allow you to stack tracks up via neighbor machines/settings to get the complex sounds that they are renowned for. Both involve a lot of menu diving, but Elektron-style rather than Roland-style.


I’d say the Mono feels much closer to the MD in structure and workflow. The OT brings in a different file and saving structure, new concepts and a hoard of button combos. The Mono is much more straightforward imo.


MNM is def more coherent than OT. It’s perfect with MD. -> Do it.

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