AM1 Mixer

Has anyone ever tried or own an AM1 Mixer?

It is amazing and there is a big name behind its concept, Mark Ernestus from Basic Channel


That’s just bananas.

that control surface gives me anxiety… imagine even just single beer and trying to operate that in the dark

Yeah it s huge! Gives me a back pain just looking at it :smile:

But pretty unique for sure. I don t dare looking up the price.

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It is quite expensive you need to order and make payments towards the work in progress.

I understood It takes a year to have one built for you, it is not a shelf product.

That is one impressive piece of hardware. From a cost/benefit point of view it is absolutely-fabulously ridiculous too. I could create that one-knob-changes -a-bunch-of-parameters thing on an MPC and any MIDI controller. I believe the Octatrack crossfader could do a bunch of tricks that AM1 behmoth could only dream of. I appreciate the fun factor and the sound quality, but even if I was making a killing on my music and my grand-children were financially secure I would still think this thing is an excessive luxury that is hard to justify.

…but it would look kind of nice on my studio Instagram

Of course if you make music as a hobby I don’t think you should buy this mixer.

It is roughly €1600 per stereo channel + €4000 for the master channel…

Very expensive

I expect to see these illegally parked outside Harrods when arrogant kids with too much money they didn’t earn start to regard them as a status symbol.

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It is not a shelf product, so it would not land in Harrods

It is a thing of beauty, almost be fun just to rent it for a weekend for ideas… but I’d have a huge guilt complex actually buying one given how much I underuse far simpler gear.
Nice demo.

I agree- same here

Dang it really is pretty brilliant seeming, it is a lot to look at though especially if you planned on also playing your synths at the same time. I though a few times about putting something similar together with eurorack modules and that WMD performance mixer seems like you could get a close enough feature set with a eurorack case fully designed around mixing and the WMD unit is supposed to work fine with line level signals.

WMD no eq, compressor or individual outs. Befaco option is much better.

yeah you would need to get individual euro units for all those things

To be fair, and considering how unique and specialized this mixer is, the price is totally reasonable. So if they sell a 4 channel mixer for ca. €10K and it takes a year to make…Behringer may actually have a higher profit margin (in %) than these guys.

As to who exactly should buy this mixer…sadly, if you make music for a living you probably can’t and shouldn’t buy it. If you’r an investment banker with a techno hobby, sure, why not?


I’ll probaply never get that picture out of my head. Thx^^