Ambient digitakt and animation

Playing around with some simple animation to a Digitakt track I have been working on… mostly trying to make the animations more generatively interact with the sound file to make making visuals a quicker and more reward affair.


Hey, this is cool but to be honest I lost interest rather quickly, it doesn’t go anywhere musically or visually and the only part that seems to be responding to the music is the very faint waveform in the background.

Despite all that I do really like the vibe of the tune and the hand-drawn animation. I know it takes forever to do but I still wish there were more to it!

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Yeah, I agree for the most part… still a working on how to create interesting visuals with automation and hand drawing. I almost feel I need to focus more on the mundane. The transparency is also effected by the music but I also did a random number range generator that might overall obscure it. Not really meant to be fully watched but to have on in the background or side. Compositionally I might be thinking too much about minimalist compositional works but they have always had more of a draw to me than a more narative style approach to music.

Good sound and nice drawing.
But indeed, both lack some narrative, I feel.
You’re on a good path, keep on refining your skills, it’s pretty good already !