Ambient / drone ep by Cosmic F

Hello friends of soothing drones and endless sustains. I finished a new ambient ep on bandcamp, mainly some loops derived from field recordings mangled in ableton and played on the OT. The first track was intended to be more like a meditation guide, meaning there is only very little changed over the 30 minutes, just creates a peaceful harmony. Due to that process I found out that I had to buy a faster CF card for the OT as it didnt get along with the long samples playing at the same time.

I recorded some footage in Myanmar and Berlin and found it quite fitting :slight_smile: recorded at 240fps which made the lights flicker.

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Hey mate, really enjoyed your works! This is amazing! Great tones, lovely textures. Would you let me in to the process of what you actually did with the fieldrecordings? I am on my own journey into this calming kind of music and happy and thankful for any pointer in the right direction :slight_smile: thanks in advanced!