Amp envelope Release cuts off at the end of a pattern

Hi everyone!

I’ve had the Digitone for several months, I love it and have been able to solve most issues while learning how it works. This is the first issue where I need your help…

I like to make long evolving FM pad sounds on the Digitone but I have found that I am not able to make the Release of a single trig last beyond the end of the maximum of 64 steps of a pattern when using a conditional trig like 1:2. Setting AENR on the Amp page to Off doesn’t change this behavior. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the sequencer?

Sorry if this is obvious, I’ve searched the manual and this forum and haven’t found a solution.



Seemed to work for me. Release lasted at least 128 steps. Even 256 with 1:4 trc.
Init sound, release 126. Length set to minimum value.

Maybe the note is cut by another one?

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128 is the max note length, after that the note gets released. For longer notes set LEN on the trig page to INF.

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@sezare56 & @knh thank you for your suggestions! I got it to work: I think I was confusing general trig length with parameter locked trig length. In any case, the issue is solved.


And Release apparently. :wink:
Release is the duration of the note after it’s released, at the end of note length.

I know, basic stuff. Something was cutting the release short… not sure what, but it’s gone.

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Maybe you were out of voices and played another note on a different track, that could cut off long notes that are releasing and not be immediately clear why it was doing so. Lock the track to at least one voice and see if it still does it (next time I guess, looks like the problems gone for now).


I’m experiencing a similar issue as OP but unable to solve. 1 trig, 1 voice sound, length set to 64 steps and “1st” trig condition. Amp Release is set at about 100 and no other tracks engaged.
After 64 steps, the sound just stops, as if release stage is not even there.
The Digitone is synced to Digitakt (master).

The sound is supposed to decrease in volume over the 64 steps (amp decay at around 100, sustain around 30) and then fade via release stage after 64 steps.

No other trigs on the track.
However, the release stage works as expected when sequencer is off.