An acid box with program changes?

Considering buying a 303 clone (again). But hard to figure out if there are boxes that can do program changes (from AR to acid box)

Any experiences here?

Well I think 303 is such a simple thing that it doesn’t really need - the charm of it is that you can be really expressive and play it with closed eyes … after you get used to it it became more like a guitar or so, you just think of a sound and immediatelly know to to get in with those 6 knobs

But if we talk about analog synth modules, I would suggest DSI Tetra, Mopho, Micromonsta 2, Typhon and all other nice little things. They all good with

Thx. Well, I noodled on my XD a bit to come close to a 303 sound, but I think then you really miss slides and accents.

I was thinking along the lines of building a techno/acid set on my AR and bringing in a couple of different 303-patterns. Then program changes really seem handy?

According to the Roland TB-3 MIDI implementation chart, it actually recognises program change. But I’m not sure if that rather weird device can be considered an acid box.

Haha, yeah… I watched a couple of youtube video’s and they are dead cheap used, but still not fully grasping what I would buy if I got a TB-3.

Bassbot V2 works with notes (outside the note range) to select patterns. The cool thing is, if you have a 16 step pattern and play a 1 bar long note for this pattern, you simply have it play the 16 steps, but you could also send 1/2 bar for an intro, or mix two patterns if you like.


Malekko Manther is way more 101 than 303 but has a lot of this functionality and is a lot of fun.

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Erica Synths DB-01 had program changes added with a firmware update.


I like the uno for acid
When in single osc mode… with its 24db filters and glides it can get pretty acidic
And has program change

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x0xb0x accepts program changes.

Also, the x0xb0x OS code is open source. I modified the OS on mine to accept CC #0 to change programs so that I could sequence program changes from my octatrack without relying on parts.

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Would I be able to replicate slides and accents on my XD? (it does prog chng brilliantly in combination with the AR, but I just couldn’t get close enough to the sound myself. Although it has a couple of presets that are 303-style).