Analog 4 as an audio interface/sound card

Wanting to route my Daw (studio one six) through the a4 mk1 using overbridge in Windows 10. The options are there in the Daw but windows doesn’t want to send the Audio out, the volume icon in the bottm right corner has an x on it, played with the settings but no luck, Maybe an asio driver for Windows 10? any ideas anyone?

Hey, I know literally nothing about Analog 4 so I’m not sure how much I can help but since no one else is taking the initiative I pulled up your user manual and after looking at the manual I found nothing useful, so I searched google and found a youtube link which may help if you are using Ableton, if you are not using Ableton the first thing you may want to do is amend your post and replace the term DAW with the specific software you are using as it may help someone with more experience chime in with an opinion. I do hope this helps as maybe some general information in there will be of use to you, either way best of luck and welcome.

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Thanks🙏🏽 its studio one six

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No worries, that’s good to add because maybe someone has specific experience with it. Sorry but I’m literally a blank slate with this machine otherwise I would try and help more but I really don’t want to have you running around in circles. It does sound like if the device is detected but you are not getting sound and theres a little x thingy there is either a driver in conflict, the sound device is not correctly assigned in control panel or I really don’t know but since I don’t want to steer you wrong I’ll just say double check everything that you already feel is done correctly because you never know!

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Yeah cheers I’ll keep farting around, I downloaded asio4all but no luck as yet

Well it’s not the moon landing so at least you know it can only be a problem with so many solutions! best!

In your daw, if you play notes, does it record a waveform? check that out while you’re at it. Determine if this is strictly an audio out issue.


Lol it’s some kind of routing issue but I’ll get there!

I’m going to assume you’ve been through this bit already but as per this page you’ve already set the analog four in studio one 6 for both input and output?

If so I would assume it can only be a Windows driver after that. I mean I don’t know for a fact, but it would make sense. Or the control panel sound card selection as I mentioned, but I’m just not sure how analog four shows up in there so you’d have to pull it up and see if it is an option to replace the stock audio card or general windows playback device.

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Yes the a4 it shows up in the Daw as having control for both ins and outs

Well obviously this is just a generalization but what it shows here on the control panel for hardware and sound and enable or disable, is that where you’ve enabled analog four as the playback device?

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Yeah it shows up as no audio device installed

It’s probably more for interfacing with the daw not playback…

Wait you’re trying to route audio FROM DAW to A4? via USB? I am not sure that is possible but best of luck.

I was gonna ask if you had the computer’s audio routing via an interface then into the Audio Ext In of the A4. That should work fine.

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You can route A4 audio to DAW via USB but not the other way around from what I understand


Yes I could do that but I want to use the external ins and the a4 effects on those tracks/ins for other synths as the a4 has nice reverb, delay and chorus on those ins. I’ll survive I just thought I could streamline my system and cut out external sound card noise and glitches by using the a4 as a soundcard as it has nice digital to analog converters in it. I believe it can do it but I would have to sacrifice either a track on the a4 or the external ins on the a4.