Analog 4 cv to ableton?

hi I’ve almost given up on getting proper midi out of the a4 to control ableton, my question is, is there someway to use the cv tracks to control ableton?

I’ve been digging maxforcats oscillot recently and a few other virtual modular software like Zmors, that allow cv signal to be sent to a eurorack from the computer, can this process be reversed?: sending a4 cv signal via a sound card into ableton to be translated into sequenced information.

I would really like to get my sequenced information out of the a4, midi is yet to help, I’m not sure if it will be part of overbridge! or if there’s is another way to convert cv information to midi?

Thanks elektronaughts for two and a half years of fine help!

In Eurorack format you can use Expert Sleepers’ ES-3 + ES-6 to bring the four CV outputs to your DAW.

Then their Silent Way plugin lets you convert CV To MIDI and/or process CV.

EDIT: for CV in only, they say that any audio interface should be OK to record CV (, in that case their Silent Way plugin would be enough.

Thanks for your reply, I’ve been off the forum for a while sorry, I found out about expert sleepers, but have been using maxforcats oscillot, which has a audioc to cv as a note on note off sequence works fine I send that signal to an oscillator and so on., I will give expert sleepers another chance to try and get more indepth control, thanks.

Another possible option is the KMI QuNexus, which can convert CV to midi and vice versa… which I will be adding to my setup soon to control my Pulse 2 from the A4.

I’ve heard this mentioned before .
Do you need the Midi Expander to get midi out of the QuNexus?