Analog 4 individual tracks routing

I am running an analog 4 mk1. It does quite well with overbridge using the plugin but every 30 minutes or so it stops and the plugin isn’T able to find the device again. Switching on an off helps but isn’T a great solution, especially if having the unit in a 19 inch rack.
When not using the plugin but the analog 4 app I am able to get the stereo out straight into the mixer of my audio interface (rme total mix on a fireface 802) but I can’T get the individual channels that way. I really would prefer this method as I grab a super stable midi clock off my pamelas new workout module and if it is getting out of sync I can just start and stop again.

  1. Is there any way to get the individual outs into total mix using the a4 app? There seem to be options but I just don’T get how to do it.
  2. When using the A4 as a plugin in Live and it looses connection is there any other way than restarting the unit to get it back running?

Just a side note - I had the A4 collecting dust for years as I just didn’t like the sound and overbridge wasn’T working properly. Now that I took some time (lots of time actually) and organized presets I am stunned by the machine. The drums and percusson sounds are awesome and the sequencer is a great addition to my modular setup.
I tried bouncing all the soundbanks several times but it didn’T work. If anyone could pont me to the right direction I would be more than happy. Also is there a way to organize presets other than on the machine or the plugin window? I have to copy presets from one bank to another and back etc to get them in order.
Just incase any Elektronemployee does read that. Maybe it is just me but you should have be more strict on the presets you put on the machine when sending it out. I am amazed what the synth actually can do and how great it sounds. It is a complete different thing than what the standard stuff that it comes with sounds like.

I recently acquired an A4mk1. I had luck with preset rearrangement using SysEx Librarian; have you tried that? I haven’t used Overbridge beyond just firing it up so I can’t help with your main question. I agree that the presets on the A4 are underwhelming. Some of the free Elektron sound packs and some of the modestly-priced paid sound packs out there are better. Of the three Elektron boxes I now have, A4 had the least impressive presets. The M:C does better, to my ear (even with a much more limited feature set and sound) and the Digitakt (samples and patterns) better still.

yes within the years i had machinedrum octatrack analog rythm (i really liked it but as at that point overbridge wasnt working propperly and I had sync issues I sold it and well the a4 that noone wanted to buy. now i am quite happy to have it as the sounds expecially percussion are awesome