Analog 4 left-right problems

Hi guys,
I have a problem with my analog 4.
Sorry it may be really silly but I have read the manual and I didn’t find any help.
Track 3 only play on the left channel, but when I play two notes together it plays on the center of the stereo field. This is happening just with track 3, meanwhile the other tracks play correctly.

thanks in advance

Is track 3 set to Polyphony in the KIT settings?

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on the kit settings/polifony/voices all the 4 voices are selected and the allocation in on reset

Turn them off and see what happens. Make sure PAN is centered in the AMP page.

Did it! now the only difference is that even if I play two notes the sound is still on the left only.
The pan is centered on the amp section.

Any plock/envelope/lfo set to PAN ?
Easier to solve the problem without polyphony I think.

That’s really odd. You shouldn’t be able to play 2 notes if POLY is turned off…

It doesn’t play the notes together because is on monophony. it switch the note and is still on the left only.
There is no pan envelope, or LFO, i already did: clear track sound, so it shouldn’t be anything active.

Do you have a performance macro set?

Is this happening with every sound, even the default patch? Does your MIDI controller or DAW that is controller the A4 have weird CCs being sent? Are you using the on unit keyboard or an external?

No performance macro set. I did reset them anyway.
Yes with every sounds init patch and it happen when I’m using the internal keyboard and external controller as well. Even with the usb disconnected.

Have you done a full factory reset?

yes done it again now just in case.
is really weird. The other tracks goes right except trk3.

Oh snap. Have you checked the Audio Routing settings?

where do I access that?

I forget. peep the manual.

I just found ‘voice routing’ but is polyphony related, and is it set to ‘use global settings’.
nothing like ‘audio routing’.

Global > Voice Routing is audio related, but doesn’t affect panning.

You can test if T3 is sending L and R to fx if you uncheck TO MAIN in Voice Routing.
Choose a Chorus send only.
If you set Pan to R, no sound ?

I turned of all the ‘to main’ and I sent the sound ‘to FX’ only chorus in the amp section. if I move the pan there is the sound even if I set it on the right side. basically is changing the starting side of the chorus bouncing. If the pan is set to the left it start to the left and then goes to the right, if is set to te right is the other way around. But still when i sent ‘to main’ and turn off the FX send is only the left channel work.