Analog 4 Mk1 repair question

Hi guys,

My A4 Mk1 has stopped making sound. Only the occasional click or pop.

I know this happens when you use the wrong power supply - I’ve done it myself by mixing up an OT Mk1 power supply a few years ago.

But I’ve definitely got the right supply, and I’ve checked by using one from a Rytm too. Every now and then it works fine. Next day, nothing again. I’ve run the diagnostics and all is fine other than the sound output.

As I’ve ruled out the power supply, is there anything I can do other than send it off for repair? Anything I can check by opening it up? I can solder, but wouldn’t know where to start diagnosing this thing.

You could open it up and look for burnt or broken resistors/diodes/capacitors/etc. Maybe look near the outputs? Does the headphone jack sound work?

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Thanks - neither the headphone nor the main outs work.

open in up and check if ribbon cables are seated well. also inspect connectors and joints.


Yep, this worked (I think - I’ve only just done this!).

The ribbon cable connector from the master volume to the main board seemed ever so slightly loose on one side. A little push back in and all seems good.

Thanks for the heads up!


Happy to hear it! Rock on

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