Analog 4 MKII not connecting via overbridge

Good evening, I’m having issues with my analog 4 mkii and overbridge. The device is showing up in transfer when switched to USB mode but when put in overbridge mode transfer and the overbridge app in ableton cannot detect it. If anyone has suggestions please help

I just solved this for my A4II … the solution is in the FAQ:

“If you are on macOS make sure that your driver is not blocked (via System Preferences - Security & Privacy).”

on this page:

Congrats on sorting it.

I’ve had a few funnies in Windows 10 with overbridge. If you can’t get the machine to be picked up in Overbridge, it’s quite often a good idea to go into device manager and look in your USB serial devices. You’ll probably find a broken Analog Four with a warning icon. Uninstall it the driver, then restart the pc. Usually fixes it.

Thought it might be nice to slap here incase someone finds this thread in future, has a broken windows driver install, but doesn’t know it :).