Analog 4 song mode problem

I just picked up an analog 4 last week. After a bit of pulling out my hair trying to understand the workflow, I am really impressed and loving it. I have figured out how to put patterns together to make a chain, and create different chains within a song, but when I play it back, it will only play back the first chain, then stop. I am in song mode, just must be missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Maybe you need to go in song mode / edit song and add rows with FUNCT+YES
Remember to only browse your song, that is navigate through the patterns via the song edit screen, using the cursors or you will change the pattern in the selected slot.
I may do a video about this if its still unclear.

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I edited in song mode, then made a new chain. Now I have 2 chains(rows). Should the song play through both chains, or only the top row? It was my understanding when playing the song, it should run through all the rows of patterns, is this correct? Thanks again for your quick response!

I figured out my problem. I wasn’t adding the chains in song mode. Thanks for the help, I’m sure I’ll need more.