Analog 4

Hi there! Just got my first Elektron a few days ago.

What exactly does the sample and hold do, and it can it be used outside of shaping the noise on OSC1?

First page of appendix A of the manual- you should grab a copy.

It sets the spectrum of the noise- they don’t get more specific than that, but think white noise vs. pink noise…

To me sounds more like WhiteNoise vs. SampleRateRedux Noise (noise generator is the only digital source in AF/AK)

For Pink Noise I find a better way using the LPF with no resonance.

You can not do pink noise with a 24dB/oct filter as pink noise requires 3 dB/octave.

I’d really love to see noise coloration in addition to the sample reduction.

That OSC1 second page is quite empty for now anyway, I’d love to see more digital stuff added there! :wink:

[insert compulsory request for wavetables here]

Oh, OK. I thought perhaps it was like Sample and Hold in other analog synthesizers and could be used not only as an effect but a modulation source.

I’ve read the the full manual. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask more seasoned users though.

It would be cool to see some more digital functionality if the DSP chip and the CPU can handle it.

Agree, the noise page is very empty and could easily be expanded without changing the hardware.

Empty space on an LCD screen does not necessarily correlate to empty space in the OS…

Of course, I’m merely speculating. No idea how taxed the A4 CPU is with the current OS, it’s possible that it’s working 100% already.

They need to leave room for Overbridge, right? :wink:

You could easily find out what chips are inside by taking the A4 apart, but being that I just got it, I am not THAT curious and desire to void the warranty so quickly. .

Read the chip markings, and you can easily find data sheets which give the capabilities of the chips.