Analog Drive - Change patch via midi PC

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted with the sound of my new Analog Drive and it fits into my rig. I’m actually packing a bunch of MIDI controllable reverbs and delays and using AD for drives and distortions instead of my amp’s channels as before.

I decided to include the AD for its MIDI properties, as I’m controlling the full thing with a main midi controller, right now the setup is midi controller->analog Drive->delay->reverb, patching the midi commands with midi thru using different channels.

The thing is that the other pedals work fine, just as before, and the analog drive receives its commands but I’ve been unable to properly change the patch using midi (it is mainly the only thing I need to change). When I send a program change command for a given preset the unit shows the correct number on the display but it just blinks and does not engage. After a few minutes it just show the previous patch.

Has anyone tinkered with MIDI and Analog drive for this purpose? Am I missing something important?


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I have the same problem as @huchaman. One of the main reasons I bought this pedal was so I could use a midi controller to switch between a lot of different overdrive sounds quickly and easily. Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible with the current operating system?

Ideally, we should be able to assign different Analog Drive [hereafter “AD”] presets to different switches on a midi foot controller so that we can quickly and easily switch between presets with the single click of a switch. For example, I would like to be able to assign a different AD preset (for illustration purposes, let’s say AD presets “02,” “09,” and “04”) to switch numbers 1, 2, and 3 on my Boss ES-5 switching system. That way, again for example, I can simply step on Boss switch 1 to call up AD preset “02;” Boss switch 2 to call up AD preset “09;” and Boss switch 3 to call up AD preset “04”–ALL WITH A SINGLE TAP ON EACH SWITCH. To extend the example still further, with the Boss switchers (as well as other brands too), users can assign different functions to switches 1-5 within different banks. So if the example I used above was “Bank 01” on my Boss switcher, I could set a whole different series of AD presets to my the Boss switches in “Bank 02.” (I hope all of this makes sense. It seems pretty straightforward to me; but I wrote it, so who knows? LOL)

As of now, when I assign Elektron AD presets to my Boss switches, I (like @huchaman) just get a flashing preset number that does not activate unless I physically step on the “Bypass/Select” switch on the AD unit itself. Needless to say, this is a huge pain in the ass! I have to step on 2 different switches in order to change a preset; and even then, I have to tap through the presets one by one when the unit isn’t connected to my Boss ES-5.

I think @Elektron needs to release an update to address this. I bought this pedal so I could replace several other overdrive and distortion units in order to put an end to my pedal “tap dancing”. But with the preset switching on the AD working the way it does now, I still have to tap dance. This is hugely disappointing. If I knew the pedal worked this way, I would have been a lot less excited to buy it. I really hope Elektron Support listens to us guitar and bass players on this one. The AD sounds great; so I’d hate to have to sell it just because something like this isn’t fixed. They’ve almost got an ideal product–they just need to add more options for preset switching.

To summarize, here are the updates that I think need to be made:

  1. Make it so we can switch presets with a single tap on a MIDI foot controller. That is, like @huchaman I want to be able to assign any preset number on the AD to any switch on my MIDI foot controller and then have the preset activate with a SINGLE click of a foot switch on the MIDI controller. (In other words, @Elektron please give us a way to disable the “Bypass/Select to activate” function for preset switching.)

  2. It would also be nice if we users could disable the “Bypass/Select to activate” workflow on the pedal itself. That way we could simply click through our presets with a single tap. I understand why we have the Left and Right Arrows with the “Bypass/Select to activate” workflow. But I think some people would like to be able to use it in a simple “UP/DOWN” manner for preset switching.

Having said all this, maybe there’s already to do all this? If so, the manual certainly doesn’t address it. And I can’t find any other info online about it either. HELP US! PLEASE!

Wow, I can’t believe it doesn’t engage the preset upon PC command! That’s the main reason for having midi in a stompbox. Have you contacted elektron support? This should be an easy fix and I expect they’ll update it…but it could take a long time giving the way things are rolling these days. I have a feeling this product may be a relative slow mover for elektron so will not be a priority. You should both contact support to make some noise about this.


I haven’t found the time to update this post. By the next day after posting I contacted Elektron and their customer support replied literally in a minute. The thing is fixed once you update the device with the next firmware :smiley:

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I recently bought an Elektron AD - it’s also critical for me to have the MIDI Program Change working seemlessly. I have a Roland GR-55 and I can change presets using the switches on the GK-3 pickup box on the guitar. I can’t use my feet so this set up lets me change sounds with the minimum of movement of my guitar picking hand. I have a BOSS ES-8 MIDI switcher and an Eventide Space pedal which both respond to Program Changes without me needing to press anything else. The Elektron AD changes to the correct preset but the Bypass/Select switch goes off - so the unit goes into Bypass mode - I then need to press the switch to activate the preset - thereby completely missing the point of MIDI Program Change control !!

The previous reply in this thread seems to suggest that a firmware update fixed this problem. I have downloaded the OS update - v 1.5 and the C6 utility for easy upgrade management. I have successfully upgraded to 1.5 - the preset indicator flashes “1.5” - so I presume the upgrade was successful !! However the Bypass/Select switch still goes off when ithe AD receives a Program Change message.

So !!! - Am I missing something ? Could people please check that the problem was indeed fixed. I tried to submit a support ticket but I haven’t had a response - I suppose they’ll be away till the New Year - but I didn’t even get an email confirming that I’d submitted a ticket - and my Elektron account tells me I have not submitted a ticket !! I use Mac OS 10.13 and Firefox browser

Cheers …

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Hey guys I don’t know if you will read this, but your issue got fixed in a recent update (see Screenshot). You have to set a #CC80 with value 64 in your Boss ES and then the preset will be active after switching the patch. I did it 5 minutes ago - it works :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean a Prog Change allways switch AD off?
If it’s true, it’s stupid !
I’d prefer not to have to send a CC80!

I wouldn‘t consider myself a midi expert, but as far as I understand these specifications… yes ¯_(ツ)_/¯. You have to send CC#80 64-127 to keep it active

I consider it as a bug, or a stupid feature.

Hi All, I’m new to the forum and also new user of elektron equipment .
I’ve just purchased a new analog drive (AD) primarily due to the midi operation (so I thought!).
From the previous posts it seems that there have been some issues with AD presets that are not automatically loaded by the midi feature.
I use a midi moose controller to select my tc nova system (TC) presets and am using the TC midi out to set the AD presets. This seems to work ok, the AD led shows the selected preset number, but the actual preset does not load, the output from the AD remains on its current setting. The active light remains lit so it is not bypassing the unit, it just doesn’t seem to load the preset!
Am I missing something here?

Hi all. So I came here to ask/see if there was a way of changing the “Bypassed state” in which the pedal powers up into…

Similar setup to most of the above posts…Running the AD in an effects loop of a MIDI controller (EFX MKV by MusicomLab)

Anyone know if that is achievable?

I’m guessing it would need to be a MIDI message sent to the AD to engage it each time?

Might sound like a whinge but it really is an easy thing to forget to do which is “engage” the AD before doing anything else… All the other pedals on my board remain in the previous state they were in (engaged) when turned off…too many times I’ve been wondering why my boost/drive loop isn’t working and lo and behold the AD is in bypass…

I know my Reverb pedal had the option to choose the state it is in when powered up in the settings menu…surely that is achievable here Elektron??

Please help.