Analog four and Behringer Crave CV Tuning/Control

Hellow guys,

I’m new to modular and semi-modular and just bought a behringer crave to use the cv track on my analog oven which I think can do great things.
The problem is that I can’t get the Volt/Hz or Volt/Octave values to calibrate properly…
In the Crave manual they say “-5v to +5v”, but when I enter these parameters on the analog oven it’s not the right notes at all and whether I put 8 octaves (which seems to me to be the number of playable octaves on the crave sequencer) or 10 octaves (1 per volts) it doesn’t work.

Can you help me?

There probably isn’t 8 or 10 octaves worth of playable range (properly/roughly pitched right)

But the specs on the Behringer are showing you the range the inputs will work with

You may or may not need that range depending on the oscillator default pitch on the crave, so the input voltage range is like an offset

Either way, you need to use Volt/Octave on the A4 and probably have a setting in the ballpark of C3=0v and c4=1v - of shift according to preference the 3&4 up/down - there are a few CV settings topics, but if you were to start an empty project after saving, this would be the default values for setting up cv/gate on the A4 - that should work

try to be methodical in the steps, without details it’s hard to pinpoint where the settings are going wrong for you with your … erm …



I’m laughing my ass off, thank you, and thank you for the explanations.
Do you think I should set the oscillator knob to “12 o’clock” on the behringer crave or since it’s CV controlled it doesn’t matter?
You also say that there are not 8/10 octaves of playability on the crave, do you mean by an external CV or generally? Because the Crave has 8 octaves indicated on its sequencer. They would not be clean and would be likely to drift or only via the analog four oven :wink: ?

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probably best to try at 12 o’clock and see if the external cv is in any way relative - it should be, otherwise there’s no way to fine tune

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Thank you