Analog Four + Eurorack (Two CV Split Kits Required?)

Hello everyone,

I have bought the Elektron CV Split Kit, and used it to connect up to my Eurorack modular system. It works great.

However, I don’t understand why the Elektron CV Kit only includes only 2 of the 1/4 -> 1/8 cables and only 1 of the splitter Y cable?

There are 4 CV out jacks on the Analog Four, but they only include in the CV Kit enough cables to use 3 of the those CV outs?

Why does it only include 3 out of 4? Do I need to purchase 2x CV Kits to get this to work on all 4 CV jacks?

You’re not forced to use the elektron cables. I work with 2 Y-Adapters from thomann on my AnalogKeys and it works just fine.

I make these:

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If you can get one of these 2ND hand it’s a pretty elegant way.

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I understand there are other solutions, but why does the Elektron provided kit not include all the needed wires? Doesn’t make any since.

I think there is quite some misunderstanding from your side what the split kit is for.

The CV split kit is required for the old A4MK1 which uses only 2 (TRS/stereo) jacks to provide its 4 CV signals. There you will need to split the stereo jacks to mono plugs.

All the cables of single split kit are required to split a single TRS/stereo CV jack:

CV (TRS) jack -> Y splitter -> 2 CV (TS) cables

Since you wrote you have 4 CV jacks out of the A4, I guess you have a Mk2 model, which already provides each CV signal on its own jack and don’t need a split kit at all.

Just connect mono/TS cables to the CV jacks and you are fine.


Thank you, that clarifies. I used to own the MK1, so I think I was confused.

Can you please clarify the difference between a TRS cable and a TS cable (is one “balanced” and one is “unbalanced”?)
Did Elektron originally use the single TRS jack that needed to be split, simply to save money/jacks in the original MK1?

Which of these cables would work? What is the difference between these two cables? One is CMP 310 and one is CMP110.

They look the same to me… will one work and the other not?

Thank you!

TRS (also called stereo cable):

  • Tip - Ring - Sleeve: plug has 2 small isolator rings visible between 3 contacting surfaces
  • can transport to 2 signals (+ common ground)
  • either a stereo sound (LEFT/RIGHT channels) …
  • … or a balanced signal (original channel + phase inverted signal)

TS (also called mono cable):

  • Tip - Sleeve: plug has 1 small isolator ring visible between 2 contacting surfaces
  • can transport 1 signal/channel (+ common ground)


Both will work, but the the mono - to - mono variant is cheaper (I guess) and is enough for what’s required.

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