Analog Four / Keys Multi Map Tutorial


Following up on my review earlier this week of the changes in the A4, here’s the promised deep dive into the incredibly powerful Multi Map feature:

It’s well worth learning! Happy to answer any questions…


I really like your font. It reminds me of Bioshock

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Thanks. I find Multi Map powerfull too but my main complain is that there’s only 4 Multi Map per project (1 per Global Slot), and it’s not easy to change them.

Any advices on different Multi Map management would be welcome.
I didn’t succeed to copy Multi Maps.
The only idea I had is to save as new a project.

I’d like to control patterns with OT’s notes, randomizing A4 patterns with Direct Jump settings for variations/transposition but if you use Soundpool sounds too, it is very limited.
I have to find a compromise.

My main concern is that you can’t program in multi-map. You can only live record it, or search for the sound lock through the entire bank each time you want to utilize it :confused: