Analog Four MK1 & MKII Workflow With Ableton Live

Hi all. For those using your A4 with Ableton, please can you advise how you work:

  1. First, to create your patterns, sequences and songs (all using the A4’s internal sequencer, or via midi from Live, or a mix of both etc.)?

  2. Second, to record the final results (i.e… do you record individual audio loops from the A4 into Live, including P-locks programmed within the A4’s sequences, or some other method)?

  3. Third and related to 2., how do you allow for late-in-the-day changes to the A4’s notes and sounds to fit your loops and arrangements as they develop (i.e. do you have to repirint the uodated sequence/sound as a new audio loop each time you make a change etc.)?

Reason for asking these questions is that at the end of the songwriting process, everything I create will need to be in Live as audio/midi loops and arrangements for final mixdown, and I would like to learn about other A4/Live users’ latest workflows to reach this point, while still getting the best out of the A4’s step sequencer, P-Locks etc.

Many thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom.

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  1. A4s internal sequencer most of the time. Sometimes ableton midi if I need to play longer sequences. but generally you would wanna use the elektron sequencer with p-locks, conditional trigs and all its glory

  2. yes.
    i often use overvridge with the mk1 in order to record each track individually at the same time

  3. not sure if I understand your question right. but you can sync your A4 and leave your sequences running simultaneously to your track and record only before finisihing when you are sure about your final sequences.
    I‘m a fan of making a decision early on and record to audio and leave it like that

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