Analog Four MKII Drum Track Questions

Can you layer two sounds on the same step in the same track using parameter locks?
Is there a way to quickly input multiple of the same parameter locked sound in a track?

You need a second track (voice) anyway. Check Neighbor trig condition to trigger 2 sounds maybe.

That is to say?


no, not as described

by copy pasting, there are creative ways to get more copied in one action - explore on a spare pattern (copy finger order is important iirc and gap between - pasting multiple copied is to a single step which acts as the offset, takes a bit of mastering (and remembering))


The only way is to use microtiming to move one of the neighbouring steps almost at the same time position (+/- 1/384). In most cases that’s near enough. But of course one of the neighbouring steps have to be “free”.

And, of course, you need a second voice. So make sure to adjust the voice assignment accordingly.