Analog Four mute tracks with incoming MIDI

I have no idea why I’ve never encountered this before, but I just figured out the Perf Mutes don’t work on tracks when you just have external incoming MIDI notes. Volume works fine, but not mutes.

Anyone have a workaround for this?

CC 94 works with A4’s sequencer, are you saying that it doesn’t work when sequenced by an external sequencer?

No, I’m triggering the A4 tracks from external MIDI, they aren’t sequenced (yet).
When tracks are triggered from the internal sequencer, they mute fine. When triggered externally, or playing on the built-in “keyboard”, they don’t mute.
I’ve tried Function + track and in Perf mode and it doesn’t matter.

Yeah mutes just mute sequences.

Mute external midi source…

With what I’ve got going it would be easier and better to be able to mute the sound source rather than the MIDI source which is doing multiple things.
I appreciate the suggestion

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You could send AMP Volume (CC 7) with value 0 to silence a track, but then you’ll need to know the value it was set before to unmute it again to the wanted level. IMHO that’s not really that practicable.

The only reliable solution is to mute the external midi (either directly or indirectly by using a controllable midi processor/router).

Doable with Perf macros CC control, with any level value…