Analog Four Reverb on fx send Mixer


does anyone know if it is possible to route the reverb from Analog Four to individual channels via AUX on the Mackie mixer !? If so, how is that possible?

Thank you very much for your feedback!


Cable from aux send to analog four input and turn up the external input level (first parameter page on the FX track).
For a mono aux send, adjust panning to center as well on the ext in page.
I actually forgot if you have to put trigs into the sequencer and have the sequencer running or not, just test what works. :slight_smile:

Analog Four outout to mixer return.

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Many thanks !!

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Keep in mind that a limitation of this is that (unless I’m missing something) you can’t set the A4 effects to 100% wet signal as is usually done for effect sends. You’ll get some dry signal in your return.

Thanks for the feedback! Hm, that sounds interesting, so it’s not 100% possible, like having a single hardware reverb. It is the case that I want to completely separate myself from the mouse and drive fully analogue (expensive fun), but have almost everything together for now. A compressor / limiter is still missing and a reverb … I also have the Rytm and the Octatrack, I also like the reverb on the Octatrack, maybe there is a complete solution here !? Otherwise I will dig deep into my pocket again and prefer the Strymon Big Sky …

This could be solved if external track outs were plugged in to the mixer, no?

Not sure about the Mk2, but not on the Mk1. I think you’d probably still get dry signal from the aux send coming back through to the return.

Hmm, if it works the same way OB does by seperating tracks along with a seperate master FX it seems possible

Well, the audio routing options allow you cut off the four synth tracks to the main out, but they don’t let you cut the external inputs to the main out. I’m not sure how OB helps if he’s using an analog mixer. Do you have a specific way that you do this, or are you just speculating?

Just speculating. Meant to say that the master FX includes the external inputs, which is whats desired to get them wet with FX?

OK, usually when you set up an effects send, you don’t want any dry signal coming from the effects return because you already have the dry signal in the mixer channel. You usually set up effects sends to be 100% wet. This is different from insert effects which mix dry and wet signal (which the A4 does fine).

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Ohhh yes of course, the dry signals have to be muted from the mixer because A4 outputs dry mixed with wet. I see. I’ve never mixed outside of OB

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