Analog Four - Strymon - Overbridge - DAW

Hey, I can’t figure it out by myself …: /

It’s about pedals such as Strymon Timeline. For example, I use the Analog Four via Overbridge, so if I connect the Strymon to the Four and then run it via Overbridge, will I hear the Strymon? And can I put the effect to mix separately as well as the FX from the Four on a channel in the DAW? I don’t want to use the Four as a sound card or connect the pedals to a sound card or audio interface.
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Pretty confusing, if you don’t want the AK as sound card, and don’t want to connect the Strymon to a sound card, how will you get it’s audio into the DAW ?

Hey, then maybe I haven’t made myself very clear. I am currently using ASIO4ALL on my DAW and the Elektron devices are overbridge. Now I was wondering if it works when a pedal is connected to an Elektron device and you can then hear the effect - for example, load Four normally with Overbridge, but connected with a pedal … I thought that maybe somehow goes over overbridge.

So how have you connected the pedal to the Analog Four?

I don’t have a pedal here, but I would like to buy the Strymons again because the sound is very nice. It is clear that the connection runs in such a way that the outputs and inputs of the devices are connected to one another, I also know how this works with an audio interface. But it would be interesting to know whether this is also possible if a pedal is connected directly to the Elektron device and then driven over the overbridge - but that is definitely not possible. :wink:

Here’s how I would do it:

I would only want the pedal on one track, say Track 1. I’d send the audio to the TR1 individual output, plug that output into the Strymon input, and plug the Strymon output to the Ext In, with the wet/dry mix at all the way wet. TR1 in the main mix will be the dry signal, and the effect will be separate on the Ext In, so you can set it’s levels (and sends!) there. You send the Ext In to your DAW with Overbridge.

But there are other ways…the AK is quite flexible as far as routing. I’d say you can buy the Strymon without worry, it’ll work.

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That is definitely a good idea, but I have the Four MK1, then it will definitely not work without the audio interface with its inputs and outputs.