Analog Four suddenly changes tuning (overbridge)

I am experiencing an issue, where my Analog Four unit suddenly changes the tuning (lowering it by two semitones). By this I mean that I am sending an A and getting a G back. This condition seems to be unrecoverable until I restart the unit. Using the same project I get then to the same point again shortly after restarting. I am using the VST plugin in Ableton Live 10. I am sending a bassline to the device and getting the audio back in an audio track. It has worked fine for weeks. I recently updated Overbridge to the latest version and the unit is running on 1.40A. It happens that when I switch the scene, the tuning does not match the MIDI notes (being two semitones lower). I don’t know if the recent Overbridge update caused this, or if this is a hardware problem. On the Ableton project I don’t have any automation parameters in place. Also note that the condition persists once it happens, which would rule out automation problems.

Here is a summary test case for this:

1.) The unit is connected over USB.
2.) Power on unit.
3.) Load Ableton project.
4.) Play a scene, everything works fine.
5.) Choose another scene, the tuning changes.

(If I then restart the unit, the tuning gets back to normal!)

Without restarting the unit (the unit being in this strange state):

6.) Disable the Analog Four VST plugin.
7.) Disconnect the USB cable.
8.) Listen to the unit’s output over regular audio output.
-> the unit is still detuned by two semitones.
9.) Reload the kit on the unit:
-> the unit is still detuned by two semitones.
10.) Now restart the unit.
The unit is in tune again.

The OSC tuning parameters did not change, at least not visibly.
I checked every whether each track was being transposed or not, and no transposition was taking place.
I’ve observed this on my track 2 and have not experimented with other tracks yet.

My questions are:
a.) Is this a hardware problem? Should I return the unit? Since I recently bought it, I would like to know so as to use the guarantee in time.
b.) Is there a fix or workaround for this? Has anybody experienced something similar?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Sounds like the soundcard sample rate is changing in middle of operation. This can happen with buggy drivers if you‘re running the DAW at 44100 and then open a video with 48000 audio.

I experienced something similar recently.
I didn’t try to find out what happened, I just adjusted the notes. But yes, suddenly within the session the tuning changed a whole note

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Thanks for you reply! I get this problem running the DAW at 48000, which matches what the audio interface that I use (a Focusrite) is set to. I’m not using the Analog Four as audio interface and only the sounds produced by the unit are affected, so I don’t quite understand how the sample rate could be the issue here.

I‘m not saying it‘s the issue but it can be. I had something like that not with Elektron but another device I don’t remember right now. Sample rate is like the speed setting on a turntable. If there is a mismatch between digital units with a single master clock they can happily generate their sounds but the pitches shift relative to the sample rate mismatch.

I recently had the same issue. Appeared after starting Overbridge in Logic Pro X and playing a note via an external midi keyboard. Restarting the A4 fixed the problem and I didn’t investigate. Happened once before, btw.

Elektron suport confirmed that this was a bug in Overbridge, which will be fixed in the next release.


I also have this with my Digitone. Only in standalone overbridge (as OB VST plugin in Ableton works ok), when I play on an external keyboard and touch mod wheel, the sound pitches down 2 semitones and stays there. It goes up back 2 semitones when i touch pitchbend. It jumps up once and then pitchbend works normally, until I touch the mod wheel.